Dimensions of the Hard Problem of Consciousness

Problem Definition:

  1. What are Mind/Body Problems?

  2. Chalmer’s video; he coined the term “Hard Problem”

  3. The Hard Problem of Consciousness (20 years later)

  4. Chalmer’s Interview (Science of Consciousness)

  5. Chalmer’s Presentation on TED

  6. Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

  7. Journal of Consciousness Studies (special issue)

  8. Chalmer’s Article “Facing Up to the Problem of Consciousness” in same journal

  9. Jonathan Shear’s: Explaining Consciousness: The Hard Problem

  10. Scholarpedia Definition

  11. Wikipedia Definition

  12. The Hard Problem (Essay by Ned Block)

Work on the Problem

  1. Consciousness: Eight Questions Science Must Answer

  2. UK Podcast (audio) Introducing Series Just Below

  3. How Does the Brain Create Consciousness Video Series

  4. Chalmers on The Hard Problem of Consciousness 300 Years On (Moscow)

  5. Searle and Goldstein on The Hard Problem of Consciousness

  6. Article by Brian Erp on the Dennett vs. Chalmer’s Debate on the Hard Problem

  7. Interesting Assessment of Chalmer’s Contribution to the Discussion

  8. Interesting Assessment of Dennett & Chalmer’s Debate

  9. Eleonore Stump on Mind/Body

  10. Article on the Physics (quantum mechanics) of Consciousness

  11. Article That Defines the Problem and Summarizes Various “Takes”  On the Problem Found in the Current Debate.

Closer to the Truth (http://www.closertotruth.com) Related Video Interviews (some links forthcoming):

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