Connections Review #4, (Extra) Spring 2012

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Issue # 4 (Extra), Spring 2012

This Review:

We are announcing two new resources for university Christian faculty: 1)  A White Paper Report that takes a close look at hurdles Christian professors face when they dialogue with their colleagues about the gospel and 2) we are opening up a new website that is called, “The Journey.”

    We hope that for those of you who are on the semester system and are finishing up finals will now have time this spring to become familiar with our new site.  Here’s what some Christian professors who have previewed the white paper and website, have said:

Professor in Education: “The website and paper are unique and timely.  As a professor who is surrounded by colleagues who question and critique religion and especially Christianity, I need help thinking how to respond or initiate good conversations about faith.  This resource offers what I need.”

Professor of Engineering and Mathematics:  “Having looked at and been trained in a good number of programs and training for ministry, I can say this is the most sophisticated set of resources for professors who wish to connect and engage with their colleagues about their faith.”

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Below are links to:

The Academic Connections white paper report on the hurdles that Christian faculty face as they dialogue with their colleagues about the great things of the gospel.  Be sure to check out the empirical data we review and the discussion of the philosophic and sociological barriers that need to be addressed; the paper forms the basis for our creating The Journey website and we believe that it will give you new resources for the challenges you face:  White Paper Report.pdf

We have crafted an on-line video podcast introduction to the Journey website.  It is a very large file, so be sure you have a high-speed internet connection and allow several minutes for it to buffer.  The video introduction will help you navigate the site and give you a sense of the resources and tools available to you:  Introduction Video

When you have viewed the white paper report and the on-line video introduction, you are ready to take a look at the actual site (and the subsite that is currently available to you).   Here is the link to The Journey (supersite):  The Journey

Here’s one of its large subsites:  The Journey: Left Fork

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