Court Watch - For Christian Professors

“Congress shall make no law...prohibiting the free exercise thereof [religion]…”

Below are links to many diverse legal matters (including some indirectly related), and venues that we think may have general relevance to academics, and some of particular interest to Christian faculty.  Included are relatively current events, special reports, sites to mine, and to round things out, studies of university professor’s attitudes.  

This is necessarily incomplete and informational only and should not be construed as legal advice.  For specific questions, you should consult a qualified attorney.

It’s also useful to keep in mind that while legal cases strongly shape the ambiance of collegial relations, they are not the only thing. There is also the sociology of ideas to consider.


1) "ACI Special Reports” 

2) ” the New’s”

3) “Sites to Mine" 


Section 1: ACI Special Reports:

   Focused (Trend) Reports (last five years) 

Section 2: “Selected In the News” of Academic Relevance:  

Note: Find specific “focused reports” (just above) because they are generally not included in the “in the News” section below.

Most sources below are from, but not limited to: The Chronicle of Higher Education (CHE), Inside Higher Education (IHE), The New York Times (NYT), The Washington Post (WP), Wall Street Journal (WSJ), et al…

Also note: that we prefer IHE to CHE because IHE does not require a paid subscription for its articles and also because it allows comments on its articles; and, CHE often requires a paid subscription for many of its articles and typically does not allow comments.













Section 3: Sites to Mine:

Other Non-Legal, but Useful Informational Studies of Academic Life and Values: © Academic Connections, International