Paul’s World Tour


These are video clips of  Paul Bryan’’s recital at LIberty Heights, which form a part of his 2011 World Tour events.

Bookings Coordinated Through LaBarbera Talent Agency, Ltd..  Our philosophy is if you like it, just throw money....the soft kind.


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Music Heard so far...

Toccata by Aram Khachaturian

Maid With The Flaxen Hair by Debussy

& Two Preludes by Chopin


The Early Years

“It was feast or famine.”

The Middle Years

“I was lost and needed to find my creative juices...instead I found my orange juice.”

The Mature Years

“ How do I handle all this fame and fortune at sixteen?  It’s all come so fast, I know, I’ll get myself invited out to a prom or something.”

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