Jim’s ‘Not’ Blog

    I considered titling this “Deep Thoughts” (the old SNL name) but deferred to “Jim’s ‘Not’ Blog” because I now write so seldom on this page.  Some day I’ll amend that!  But for now this is just SOME of my thoughts.

    I don’t feel the need to write something every day, in fact I’m so busy I now rarely do; but when I do feel the need it often shows up here.  For more recent thoughts link to this: Connections Review 

    By the way, the picture on the left is of my son and me.  He’s twenty-five now and I’m....well I’m getting along in age.  My how time flies! 

    This “not” blog is mainly for Christian faculty and for stuff I think might be relevant to them (you); the photos on the individual blogs are just pics I took as I’ve traveled...and I liked them.  Enjoy!

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