Café Cook 8  

A Variety of WWW Links of Possible Interest—Get a Cup of Coffee and Check These Out

These resources were compiled for this edition of Connections Review: Issue #8, Winter 2014

Interview with Nicholas Wolterstorff on how Christian philosophy found its voice in the twentieth century.

Andy Crouch briefly on “Does My Career Matter to God?”

The atheist next door may be closer than you think…the person in the pew next to you may be one.

Religion and the City  

How the most famous picture taken in history was taken.

Easier access to ancient and fragile documents, now on-line 

Lexical Distances Between the Languages of Europe  

Your Discipline is (More) Like a Frat 

Brief Review of Newman’s: The Idea of a University

David Brook’s Book Report on Charles Taylor’s A Secular Age

The World as 100 People


Maps of the Seven Deadly Sins in America

If You Don’t Like Reading Maps 

Religious Diversity Map of U.S.

Earth Wind Map

40 More Maps That Explain The World

Conferences of Possible Interest

(Inclusion Does Not Necessarily Mean Endorsement)

SCP Conferences


        “What is Christian Philosophy” March 27-29, 2014

     Mountain - Pacific Region

        “Justice and Health Care” April 3-4, 2014

EPS & ETS Conference       

    (Conferences In Tandem) November 19-21, 2014, San Diego

2014 Summer Seminars at Calvin College


2014 Rivendell Summer Seminar  (at Yale University)

    Link to Summer Seminar Information on Their Website (video & brochure avail.)

2014 Christian Scholar’s Conference

    CSC Conference June 5 -7, 2014  Sp© Academic Connections, International