Café Cook 9

These resources were compiled for this edition of Connections Review: Issue #9, Winter/Spring 2015.

Scouring the Web for You: Here’s A Variety of WWW Links of Possible Interest—Get a Cup of Coffee, Make Yourself Comfortable and Check These Out

Remember Inclusion Does Not Mean Endorsement of Everything Said or Written


    A Believer’s Journey at the New York Times (video)  Deputy Metro Editor, Mike Luo


    Kantzer Lectures in Revealed Theology (videos) N. Wolterstorff, Carl F.H. Henry Center for Theological Understanding

    Israel in Pauline Theology N.T. Wright at HBU Theology Conference

Spiritual Formation

    Why Christians Don’t Like Happiness (video)  Ellen Cherry

    God and Pursuit of the Good Life (video)  D. Horner

    Psychology and Spiritual Formation Biola Center for Christian Thought

The Academy

    Does the Academy Matter?   Panel Discussion on Foreign Affairs Transcript

    Report on the InterVarsity conference, “The End of Higher Education”  (held this summer)

        Emerging Scholars Blog

        The Conference Website


The Humanities

    Poverty is a Moral Problem  William Easterly in Christianity Today

    Why Not Just Weigh the Fish?  Robert Pasnau in the NYT

    Cultural Conversation on Contemporary Art & Faith Biola University


    Can Religion and Science Coexist? (Video)  (American Association for the Advancement of Science)

    Misconceptions of Science and Religion (New Study)  Elaine Howard Eckland in

    Faith and Reason in ACI’s Advanced Problems section of Απολογία

On-Line Book Reviews

    Review of: The Twilight of the American Enlightenment   D. Trotter

    Review of: After Cloven Tongues of Fire George Marsden in Books & Culture

    Review of: Religion Within The Bounds of Reason   J. Cook 


    The Most Important Reformer You’ve Never Heard of  (Christianity Today)

    Religious Hostilities Reach 6 Year High (Pew Foundation)

    Introduction to Cultural Analysis (ACI Site: Level 6 Απολογία)

    Why We Review R-Rated Films (Christianity Today)  Sp© Academic Connections, International