Court Watch

“Congress shall make no law...prohibiting the free exercise thereof [religion]…”

Find below links to various articles concerning diverse legal and potential legal issues and venues that we think may have general relevance to academics, and some of particular interest to Christian faculty.  Included are relatively current events, special reports, sites to mine, and to round things out, studies of university professor’s attitudes.  

This is informational only and should not be construed as legal advice.  For specific questions, you should consult a qualified attorney.

It’s also useful to keep in mind that while legal cases strongly shape the ambiance of collegial relations they are not the only thing.  There is also a sociology of ideas and sociology of relations to consider.

                            Sections: 1) "ACI Special Reports; 2) “In the News;

                                                    3) "Sites to Mine"

Section 1: (Past) ACI Special Reports:

    Special Report on U. of Colorado Philosophy Department (What Can be Learned?)

    Special Report on Vanderbilt Nondiscrimination Events

    Special Report on Air Force Academy Situation (2004-present)

    Special Report on Affirmative Action

   Recent Reports (last two years)  

          Diversity, Minority Demands and Issues

          Harrassment, and Sexual Assualt on Campus


           Free Speech on Campus

Section 2: “In the News":


    $1.43 Million Wake-Up Call 5/8/2017 (IHE

    Setting a Limit on Academic Freedom 5/5/2017 (IHE)

     Suicide and Title IX 5/2/2017 (IHE)

    Professor Accused of Providing Drugs to Students 5/1/2017 (IHE)

    Free Speech, Safety and the Constitution 4/21/2017 (IHE)

    Is Change Ahead for Title IX 4/20/2107 (IHE)

    "Berkeley Settles Suits With Law Dean…” 4/15/2017 (CHE)

    Loan Forgiveness Uncertainty 4/5/2017 (IHE)

    Pregnant, Single, Fired 3/23/2017 (IHE)

    Reverse Course on Firing Employee Who Supported Trumps Travel Ban 3/162017 (CHE)

    Chicago State Settles 4.3 -Million Whistle-Blower Lawsuit 3/9/2017 (CHE)

    Transgender Protections Withdrawn 2/23/2017 (IHE

    Court Denies Regent of U of Texas Full Access to Admissions Records 1/272017 (CHE)

    Protecting Student Privacy, or Reputation? 1/25/2017 (IHE)

    Judge Sides with U of Kentucky in Fight Over Openess & Privacy 1/24/2017 (CHE)

    ‘Tentative’ Ruling Backs Coeducation at Deep Springs 1/20/2017 (IHE)

    Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Sues Nation’s Largest Student Loan Servicer 1/18/2017 (CHE)

    Idaho State Settles Sex-Harrassment Suit for $170,000  1/16/2017 (CHE)

    Court Sides With Drug Legalization Group in Speech Dispute 2/14/2017 (IHE)

    Court Rejects Order Forcing Parents to Pay Tuition 2/13/2017 (IHE)

    Sacred Heart U. Apologizes for Saying Wrong Man Was a Rape Suspect 1/11/2017 (CHE)

    Compassion is No Substitute for Competence  1/10/2017   (IHE)

    Chicago State U. Steeles Whistle-Blower’s Lawsuit for $1.3 Million 1/4/2017 (CHE)

    New Jersey University Has State Immunity, U.S. Court Rules 1/3/2017 (IHE)

    Big Legal Win for Climate Scientist 1/3/2917 (IHE)


    US Court Reinstates Ban on College’s Mandatory Drug Tests of Students 12/22/2016 (CHE)

    Baylor Settles Over Gang Rape by Football Players  11/23/2017 (IHE)

    Yale to Pay $3 Million to Settle Lawsuit Over Murder of Student in Lab 11/22/2016 (CHE)

    Appeal Court Ruling on Trinity Western U is a Game Changer 11/14/2016 (Vancouver Sun)

    Court Reinstates False Claims Suit Against For-Profit College 10/20/2016 (IHE)

    Owner of Defunct For-Profit Charged with Illegal Closing 10/20/2016 (IHE)

    Former Law Dean Accused of Harrassment Sues Berkeley 9/15/2016 (IHE)

    3 Universities Sued Over Monitoring of Retirement Plans 8/10/2016 (IHE)

    What the Future Holds for the Federal Crackdown on Campus Sexual Assault 8/1/2016 (CHE)

    Roadblock for Louisille Overhaul 8/1/2016 (IHE

    Legal Discrimination 8/1/2016 (IHE)

    Title IX Victory for Man Suiing Over Sex Assault Finding 8/1/2016 (IHE)

    Pepperdine Drops Its Title IX Exemption 7/26/2016 (IHE)

    N.C. State Settles Free Speech Lawsuit with Christian Group 7/20/2015 (CHE)

    Public Opposes Affirmative Action 7/8/2016 (IHE)

    3 Texas Professors Sue to Block Open Carry Law 7/7/2016 (IHE)

    Defamation Suit Against Rolling Stone Tossed 6/29/2016 (CHE)

    Fisher and Democratic Dialogue 6/27/2016 (IHE)

    Something Strange Indeed 6/27/2016 (IHE)

    Professor Will Sue Over Release of Harassment Findings 6/24/2016 (IHE)

    Supreme Court Upholds Ruling Blocking Obama Immigration Plan 6/24/2016 (IHE)

    Supreme Court Frees Colleges 6/24/2016 (CHE)

    Supreme Court Upholds Consideration of Race 6/24/2016 (IHE

    5 Lessons to Take From the Fisher Decsion 6/24/2016 (CHE)

    Texas A & M Won’t Fire Professor Who Assualted Wife 6/22/2016 (IHE)

    Arguing for Public Opinion and Not the Justices 6/22/2016 (IHE)

    Stanford U Defends Its Role in Rape Case June 7, 2016 (IHE)

    No Enforcement of Bathroom Law May 31, 2016 (IHE)

    An Issue Beyond Carolina May 24, 2016 (IHE)

    Yale Philosopher Named in Harassment Complaint May 23, 2016 (IHE)

    A Firing With Consequences May 19, 2016 (IHE)

    Professor Clreared and Still Out of a Job May 17, 2016 (IHE)

    Mizzou Expects to Block Future Campout Protests May 17, 2016 (IHE)

    Due Process and Sex Assaults May 17, 2016 (IHE)

     Big Win for Little Sisters May 16, 2016 (Wall Street Journal)

    Unanimous Win for the Little Sisters of the Poor at Supreme Court May 16, 2016 (Becket Fund)

   "Berkeley Law Dean, Accussed of Harassment Resigns" March 11, 2016 (IHE)

     Geoff Marcy’s Downfall February 21, 2016 (CHE)

    Why Did UC Fire a Tenured Professor? February 3, 2016 (IHE)

     Chicago Professor Facing Misconduct Charges Quits  February 3, 2016 (IHE)

     U. Of Chicago Scientist Resigns Amid Sexual Misconduct Investigation February 3, 2016 (CHE)   

     “Mizzou Professor Makes Deal to Avoid Prosecution,”  February 1, 2016 (IHE)

     Mizzou Professor Makes Deal to Avoid Prosecution 2/1/2016 (IHE)

     "Charges Dropped Against 5 Accused of Rape at William Paterson U"  January 30, 2015 (CHE) 

     Refereeing Religion? 1/28/2016 (IHE)

     12 Years in Prison for Professor in Assault Case 1/18/2016 (IHE)

     Loan Guarantor to Ask Supreme Court for Relief 1/4/2015 (IHE)


     Exempt and Secret 12/21/2015 (IHE)

     Fired USC Coach Sues University for Discrimination 12/8/2015 (IHE)

     New Developments in Case of Professor Convicted of Raping Disabled Man 11/10/2015 (IHE)

     Supreme Court Takes Religious Colleges’ Suit on Contraceptives 11/9/2015 (IHE)

     Court Wins for Accused 11/5/2015 (IHE)

     Defending Affirmative Action 11/2/2015 (IHE)

     No Right to Complain  10/30/2015 (IHE)

     U.S. Wins Predatory Lending Lawsuit Against Corinthian 10/20/2015 (IHE)

     Public Colleges and Universities Have No Obligation To Protect Students 10/9/2015 (IHE)

     When Research Becomes Rape (10/5/2015) (IHE)

     No Clear Winner in Court of Appeals Case Involving the NCAA & Athletes 10/1/2016 (IHE)

     3 Openly Gay Former Coaches Sue the University of  Wisconsin at Duluth 9/29/2015 (IHE)  

     Anti-Asian Bias Rejected 9/24/2015 (IHE)

     Florida A&M Settles Suit Over Hazing Death 9/21/2015 (IHE)

     Dating the Dean 9/16/2015 (IHE)

     Michigan Settles Suit in Sex Misconduct Case 9/14/2015 (IHE)

     Ban on Banning Words 9/2/2015 (IHE

     U.S. Find Michigan State’s Sex-Assault Policies Created ‘Hostile Environment 9/1/2015 (CHE)   

     Different Conclusions on Sex Assaults 9/1/2015 (IHE) Differing Definitions 9/2/2015 (IHE

     Sociologist Accused of Serial ‘Self-Plagiarism’ 8/20/2015 (IHE

     Colleges Under Investigation for Sexual Assault Wonder What Getting it Right Looks Like 8/11/2015 (CHE)

     Judge Faults U. for Requiring Student to Prove He Was Innocent of Sexual Misconduct 8/10/2015 (CHE)

     Free Speech Trumps Civility 8/7/2015 (IHE)

     Woman Who Alleged Rape by 3 Oregon Athletes Will Get $800,000.00 Settlement 8/4/2015 (CHE)

     Christian College Group Will Consider 2 Institutions’ New Policies on Gay Faculty 7/29/2015 (IHE)

     Wheaton College (Ill.) Ends Student Health Insurance Over Contraceptive Rule 7.29/2015 (CHE)

     Suicide Tally 7/28/2015 (IHE)

     Wheres the Outrage When Colleges Discriminate Against Students With Disabilities? 7/23/2015 (CHE)

     How A New Report May Hasten the End of Racial Preferences in Admissions 7/23/2015 (CHE)

     7 Myths About Campus Diversity 7/21/2015 (CHE)

     A Weaker ‘Yeshiva’ 7/21/2015 (IHE

     Breakthrough for Gay Christian Professors 7/21/2015 (IHE)

     When Activism is Worth the Risk 7/20/2015 (CHE

     A Liberal-Arts College Intervenes to Diversity Its Faculty 7/20/2015 (CHE)

     Dating Violence Poses Unique Questions for Colleges 7/20/2015 (CHE)

     Roommate Tiff, Title IX dispute: The General Counsel Sees It All 7/19/2015 (CHE)

     U of Minnesota Delays ‘Affirmative Consent’ 7/9/2015 (IHE)

     After Obergefell 7/7/2015 (IHE)

     Lawsuit: Illinois Women’s Basketball Created Racially Hostile Environment 7/2/2015 (IHE)

     Canceling Clery? 7/2/2015 (IHE)

     (Legal) Threat to Faculty Unions. 7/1/2015 (IHE)

     Jury Rejects Liberal Bias Claim in Hiring at Iowa Law School 6/30/2015 (CHE)

     Full Text of Supreme Court Decision on Gay Marriage 6/29/2015 (Politico)

     Clash of Title IX and Academic Freedom 6/3/2015 (CHE)

     My Title IX Inquisition 6/1/2015 (CHE)

     Profs Face Long Odds in Court Battles Over Free Speech 5/21/2015 (CHE)

     Election “Research” by Stanford & Dartmouth Found Illegal in Montana 5/13/2015 (CHE)

     Libel lawsuit Dismissed Regarding Slavery Comments 5/13/2015 (CHE)

     Religion Laws Quickly Fall Into Retreat in Indiana and Arkansas 4/2/2015 (NYT)

     Weinstein Restrained 3/20/2015 (AFA)

     Oregon Files Counterclaim Against Student Suing Over Sexual Assault Case 2/24/2015 (IHE)     

     Student Accused of Sex Assault Cites ‘Fifty Shades’ 2/24/2015 (IHE)

     U. of Oregon Seeks Dismissal 2/23/2015 (CHE)

     U. of Colorado to Pay Suspended Male Student $15,000 to Settle Title IX Suit 2/23/2015 (CHE)

     Northwestern U. Sued by Man Freed from Prison 2/18/2015 (CHE)

     Proposed Law in Kansas Would Strip Professors of Titles in Opinion Articles 2/6/2015 (CHE)

     Former Professor Pleads Guilty to Defrauding 2/6/2015 (CHE)

     Judge Throws Out Philosophy Professor's Lawsuit 2/6/2015 (CHE)

     Why College Presidents Don’t Fear the NLRB 2/5/2015 (CHE)

     Charges Dropped Against 5 Accused of Rape 1/30/2015 (CHE)

     Free Speech Alleged to Be Anti-Gay 1/26/2015 (IHE)

     Alleging Notre Dame Violated Public Records Law 1/23/2015 (IHE)

     Illegal Mandatory Leave? 1/20/2015 (IHE)

       CSU, Pueblo Sued for Alleged First Amendment Violations 1/19/2015 (IHE

      U of Missouri Wins in Fight to Withhold Teacher-Prep Syllabi 1/15/2015 (CHE)


     Ruling on Unionization at Private Schools (including religious schools) 12/22/2014 (IHE)

    Judge Dismisses Family’s Lawsuit in Death of Fraternity Pledge 12/13/2014 (CHE)

    Texas University Settles with Ousted Employee 12/2/2014 (CHE)

    Settlement on Free-Speech Lawsuit 11/5/2014 (CHE)

    Crusade Against the Constitution 9/19/2014 (WSJ)    

    Defending Abortion Rights 8/25/2014 (Inside Higher Education)

    US Offers Accommodation to Religious Colleges 8/25/2014 (CHE)

    Waging Lonely Battle for a Law School  7/28/2014 (CHE)

    UW Protestor Injunction Needs Refinement  7/17/2014 (

    Appeals Court Grants New Trial to Prof  7/16/2014 (Inside Higher Education)

    A Win for Affirmative Action  7/16/2014 (Inside Higher Education)

    Use of Race in Admissions Can Stand 7/15/2014 (CHE)

    Not the First Exemption 7/15/2014 (Inside Higher Education)

    Ruling on Transgender Suit 7/15/2014 (CHE)

    Freedom of Religion or Free to Discriminate 7/14/2014 (Inside Higher Education)

    Christian College Use of Town Hall Discontinued 7/11/2014 (CHE)

    S.C. Sides With Christian College... 7/7/2014 (CHE)

    Religious College Exemption 7/7/2014 (Inside Higher Education)

    Lawsuits Over Restrictions on Speech 6/24/2014 (CHE)

    Suits Over Speech (7/2/2014) (Inside Higher Education)

    A Win for Free Speech 6/23/2014 (Inside Higher Education)

    Key Win for Free Speech 6/1/9/2014 (ADF)

    Applicant & God at CC of Baltimore County 4/24/2014 (Inside Higher Education)

    Status Quo on State Bans of Affirmative Action 4/23/2014 (Inside Higher Education)

    Supreme Court Upholds Ban Racial Preferences in College Admissions 4/22/2014 (CHE)

    Judge Orders Promotion to Prof Who Won Anti-Bias Lawsuit 4/9/2014 (CHE)

    Prof Prevails on Promotion Denial 3/21/2014 (CHE)

    Retaliation Claim Vindicated 3/21/2014 (Inside Higher Ed)

    Purdue & Donor Reach Agreement over Controversial Plaque 3/10/2014 (CHE)

    Johns Hopkins U. Plans Its First Policy on Academic Freedom 3/10/2014 (CHE)

    No Right to Preach 3/10/2014 (Inside Higher Ed)

    Payne V. University of Southern Mississippi et al

    Garcetti v. Ceballos (04-473) 2006 (Relevant to Payne v. University of Southern Mississippi)


     Utah “Sister Wives” Ruling 12/16/2014 (CNN Justice)

    District Court Ruling Weakens Polygamy Laws in Utah 12/14/2014 (New York Times)

    Court Upholds Dismissal of Professors’ Lawsuit 12/2/2013 (Chronicle of Higher Education)

    Supreme Court Affirmative Action 10/21/2013 (The Huffington Post)  

    Justices Ask Sharp Questions 10/15/2013 (Detroit Free Press)

    Justices Take Up Affirmative Action 10/15/2013 (Politico)

    Justices Appear Inclined to Uphold Affirmative Action Ban 10/15/2013 (Chicago Tribune)

    Supreme Court Takes on Affirmative Action in Michigan Ban Case  (U.S. News - NBC)

    The Supreme Court Returns to Affirmative Action in Michigan Case 10/15/2013 (NPR)

    Supreme Court Tackles New Affirmative Action Case 10/15/2013 (CNN)

    The Michigan Experiment 10/14/2013 (Slate)

    Fisher v. Texas: Where the Justices Stood 10/28/2013 (The Chronicle of Higher Education)

    Not Quite An End to Affirmative Action 6/25/2013 (Inside Higher Ed)

    Supreme Court Makes Narrow AA Ruing to Start Blockbuster Week 6/25/2012 (PBS)

    Justices Step up Scrutiny of Race in College Entry 6/24/2013 (The New York Times)

    Supreme Court Sidesteps Big Ruling on Texas Affirmative Action 6/24/2013 (CNN)

    Supreme Court Ruling Encourages Supporters & Opponents of AA (US News - NBC)

    Supreme Court Raises Bar for AA in College Admissions 10/24/2013 (US News - NBC)

    Between the Lines of the Affirmative Action Opinion 1/24/2013 (The New York Times)

    Supreme Court Issues Narrow AA Ruling 10/24/2013 (The Los Angeles Times)

    Reaction to SC Ruling AA in College Admissions 10/24/2013 (The Washington Post)

    Hiring and Firing Bytes: Supreme Court Edition 6/25/2013 (Chronicle of Higher Education)

    Affirmative Action: Did the Court Punt or Not? 6/25/2013 (nInside Higher Education)

    Workplace Retaliation Case Before Supreme Court 4/13/2013 (Chronicle of Higher Education)

    Final Loss for Ward Churchhill 4/2/2013 (Insider Higher Education)

    Why Was FAU Student Suspended? 3/29/2013 (Inside Higher Education)

    Another Affirmative Action Case 3/26/2013 (Insider Higher Education)


    Free Speech Off Campus

    Affirmative Action Case

    Affirmative Action (Texas)

    Blackballed Prof Gets Day in Court


    Appeals Court Rejects Challenge to Counseling Rules

    Supreme Court Rebuffs Stanford’s Bid to Assert Control of Inventions

    9th Circuit Court: University Can Force Christian Groups Open to Non-Christian Members

    High Cost of Free Speech

    Getting Around the Courts

    Profs Free to Speak Out

    Michigan Attorney General Weighs In On Student Dismissal

    UC Davis & Definition of “Religious Discrimination

    Religion Financed With Student Fees

    Judge Rejects Professors’ Bid to Stop Prayer Luncheon at Air Force Academy

    Brief for UW, Madison Appeal Case

    Funding at U. of Wisconsin, Madison

    Suing to Block Prayer Speaker at AFA

    Astronomer Sues University of Kentucky


    CLS’ Federal Appeal Tossed Out

    U.S. Appeals Court Throws Out Suit Over Religious Speech

    Decision on Dismissed Biology Adjunct

    Possible Legal (and other) Action on Catholic Adjunct

    Lawsuit Filed Over Counseling Requirement

    CLS Loss a Loss for Everyone?

    Ruling Unlikely to End Litigation

    New Venue for Anti-Bias Debate

    Court Ruling Martinez vs CLS.pdf

    Court Rules Against CLS

    Taking Sides

    Conflicting Rights

    Backing for Christian Group

    Publisher’s Rights

    Court Ruling on Creationism Ban Comer_v_TEA_FifthCircuit.pdf

    Faculty Speech Rights Rejected

    First Amendment in Classroom

    First Amendment and Promotion for Christian prof

Section 3: Sites to Mine:

    Christian Legal Society

    Alliance Defense Fund

    The Thomas More Law Center

    Institutional Religious Freedom Alliance

Other Non-Legal, but Useful Studies Concerning Academe:

    The Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life

    Pew Report: The Legal Status of Religious Organizations in Civil Lawsuits

    “How Religious are America’s College & University Professors?”

    “Religious beliefs & Behaviors of College Faculty”

    “The Social & Political Views of American Professors”

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